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As our loved ones age, it may sometimes be necessary to entrust a nursing home or facility with their care. The decision is difficult for many families, but it is often a better solution because professionals in a nursing care facility are always available to make sure your loved one's needs are met. But when caregivers or nursing home staff abuse your trust and alienate your loved one, it can be infuriating. If your elderly loved one has suffered from alienation or isolation by nursing home staff, it is important that you seek justice immediately.

Talk to our team of Washington nursing home abuse attorneys at Schroeter Goldmark & Bender. We believe in holding negligent individuals and companies accountable for their failure to protect the people they are supposed to. We bring to each case our aggressive advocacy and commitment to the best possible outcome.

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Know the Signs of Alienation/Isolation

In a nursing home setting, alienation or isolation occurs when staff attempt to socially isolate elderly patients from families and friends. This is a form of psychological and emotional abuse, and perpetrators often do this in order to manipulate or exploit the patients for their own gain. It is important that you are aware of signs of abuse, including whether your loved one is suffering from alienation or isolation.

Signs of alienation or social isolation include:

  • Constant agitation
  • Lack of communication with family
  • Withdrawal
  • Bizarre behavior including constant rocking or biting
  • Abrupt change in a patient's normal behavior and demeanor

If you notice any of these symptoms or similar behavior, it is important that you contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Washington immediately. We can help remove your loved one from this abusive setting and file a claim to hold the negligent parties responsible.

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